4006 Soft Top Fully Cushioned - Grey

The "Soft Top" has been developed for maximum comfort with a fully cushioned construction and contains luxurious alpaca wool. They gently stretch to the contours of your leg without constriction making them great for (air) travelling or those suffering from diabetes.

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Care for your Vicuña socks

It is important to know that natural fibres are especially sensitive towards high temperatures and any changes in water temperature. If your washing machine has a gentle wool cycle, you can wash the socks inside out for best results, or gently by handwash. Please wash seperateley and only use a  Wool detergent. Please do not tumbledry or dryclean the socks.

The upside is that you have a natural product and often you do not have to wash them so often as a normal sock, you can even go 5 days or more without having to wash them!
Size  size S 36-38/UK3-5
size M 39-42/UK6-8
Size L 43-46/UK9-11
Size XL 47+/UK11+