We care about the environment

We want to know where the materials we use are from, that we are not plundering our planet, so we are looking for sustainable and renewable materials to produce our products. Although these words are often looked at as interchangeable, they have very
different meanings.

Alpacas live in the Andes in extensive farming. Alpacas graze extensively rather than intensively on high altitude moorlands. There are less than 1 alpaca per acre, which minimizes the impact of farming on the environment supporting a long term ecological balance. As well as the impact on nature, social responsibility is part of sustainability.
The suppliers of our wool work with the alpaca farmers. They make sure that they get the right education and a fair play for their work. They help the farmers with selective breeding and increasing the number of alpacas on the farms.

Unlike man made fibers wool in general is a product that grows back every year. Alpaca wool is naturally replenished and alpacas can be sheared between November and March.