The Story

VICUÑA is a wonderful and beautiful animal, which lives high up in the Andes in extremely harsh conditions. They live in altitudes from 2500m to over 4500m where temperatures can vary between -20 to +30C in one day! The Vicuna still manages to develop the finest hair in the world; silky, smooth and durable.

We fell in love with this beautiful little animal and decided to build our brand on these attributes: to deliver luxurious performance products for the outdoor world with amazing yarns and fabrics which are naturally luxurious, degradable and ethically sourced.

To own a Vicuña garment should make you feel luxurious and comfortable and be assured, all our products are well designed and great for use in the outdoor world. Whatever your passion is - hiking, skiing, fishing or just a soft and warm sock for those cold winter days in your wellington boots.

Vicuña has a great commitment to the world around us.We choose suppliers carefully, not only to receive the finest yarns but also not come at the expense of the environment.


Alpacas live in extensive farming and therefore do not do any damage to
the environment, supporting a long-term ecological balance.


Alpacas are farmed with careful consideration that the wool can be replaced
by natural growth.


Our yarn suppliers follow a fair trade principle making sure that the workforce enjoys a pleasant working environment.


The wool is 100% biodegradable.