Warm I Luxurious I Sustainable I Biodegradable I Durable

Our Vision

We travel the world to find you the most luxurious, natural. performance yarns and material which are available for our products.

Alpaca is famous for its thermal properties and for the finess. silkiness, softness and durability of the yarn. In fact, alpaca yarn has a longer shelf life than merino wool or any other natural fibre.

Unlike synthetic or other man-made fibres the alpaca fibre is made of protein and as such it is biodegradable. When disposed of it blends back into the earth in a relatively short period of time.

Vast, untouched, rugged and remote – the Andes are known for their extremes in temperatures. Alpacas live in altitudes ranging from 2500 to 4500 meters where temperatures can vary between +30C to -20C in a single day. If the alpaca fibres would not have very special properties, the animals could not survive in these conditions. Nature could not have developed a better insulating fibre.

Alpaca yarn does not contain any lanolin and therefore does not cause the allergic reaction that can be caused by merino or sheep wool.